Steve McCann


A hilarious new series opens up the proverbial tin of worms – cosmic comic worms, that is!

Join Steve McCann, accomplish middle school student, as he deals with a worm epidemic of cosmological proportions.

The Author


AJ McMarson, a writer of young adult, speculative fiction – that AJ refers to as ‘Geek Magic’ – brings not just a vivid imagination but a delicious sense of humour to her stories.

When not researching the science behind wormholes, photons and atomic energy to use in her novels, AJ teaches part-time at a school in Brisbane, Australia.

AJ recently joined creative forces with Josh Hopkins to produce Cosmic Comic’s first book series – Steve McCann.

The Illustrator



Known locally for his humorous, yet subtly insightful caricatures, Josh Hopkins could be the muse behind the character, Steve McCann.  

A refreshing, new ink in Brisbane’s art scene, Josh sites many artists such as David Silverman and Co, Brian Allen, Neen Williams from Deathwish and Pablo Picasso, as the inspirations behind his emerging signature style.

Book1: The Bogey Boy from Conker Mountain High

Even a sidekick needs a sidekick.  But when your best mate wallows in the world’s worst worm infestation, where wiggle room is no longer optional and slime becomes a way of life – will a dodgy dog’s best friend still come to the rescue?