The Serials


An unreal alien invasion is far too big a deal for one series.

A space odyssey (aka oddity) of this cosmological proportion cannot be told by one character.

Therefore, for the greater benefit of the universe at large, we here at the Cosmic Comic, where virtual reality checks of all things creative are a random fact of fiction (and then some) have spawned the world’s first ‘twin-sequel’.

What is a ‘twin-sequel’? (Pronounced: to – win – c – cool) It is when two series follow the same story line but each is told from the perspective of a different, unrelated character.  

Interlinking support characters, settings and subplots shape the other’s unique perspective. The books of both series can be read independently as with usual series, or together by following the chronological order of both.


The Steve McCann series is in number order
The Jax Will series is in alphabetical order
Read together as a twin-sequel the order would be:
1, a, 2, b, 3, c, 4, d …

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